We had the privilege of teaming up with LMN Architects and Blanca Lighting to reimagine the vast lobby area of 800 Fifth Ave.

As any designer knows, it’s the details that make a design go from functional to memorable. Although there were floor to ceiling windows to let in the light, we knew this would be a challenge to make the large area feel inviting and sleek instead of cold and empty.

By using a blend of directional lighting, overhead lighting and a few well placed lamps, we were able to create intimate spaces for conversations among colleagues and functional work spaces.

Our efforts on the project were recently recognized by the Illuminating Engineering Society, awarding the project the Illumination Award for Interior Lighting Design and this year’s IES Seattle Section Gloria Koch Leonidas Illumination Awards.

Here are some of our favorite lighting details from the project. To see the full design, visit the project page to view more.