Project No. 14 / 21

Goodfellow Bros. HQ

  • Location Wenatchee, WA
  • Type Corporate | Workplace
  • Services Architecture | Interior Design | Product Design

As a part of a larger effort to revitalize the downtown area of Wenatchee, WA, civil construction company Goodfellow Brothers decided to relocate their corporate headquarters to the main strip. Originally constructed in 1929, but vacant and neglected for more than twenty years, the 12,000 square foot building had to be fully gutted and renovated before it could become a modern, usable office space.

We salvaged as much of the original structure as possible, the exposed timber posts and beams, the all-wood framing. We left joists exposed and added a glass roof monitor to flood the gallery at the entrance with natural light.

Goodfellow Brothers has been a family-run business for four generations, and we wanted that to be represented in the art in the gallery at the building's entrance.

The client required a mix of private offices, executive offices, and a variety of meeting spaces for formal and informal gatherings. The open office concept was a new idea at Goodfellow Brothers.

We reused original framing to add visual interest.

This coffee table was constructed from a door at the company's previous headquarters.

This wall mural depicting the company's history was done by Seattle-based artist Kyler Martz.

In addition to conference rooms, meeting rooms, and telephone booths, Goodfellow Brothers wanted a large gathering space to hold meetings for all employees, and what could be better for a family-run business that runs like a family than an open kitchen?

We used many 'found' objects in our design choices and wanted the overall look to be somewhat industrial, a nod to our client's core business. The door handles (pictured below) are old pistons we found while dumpster diving in a scrap metal yard.

We built some solid relationships and made some amazing friends, including Wenatchee resident Gator, pictured here, during this project.

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