Project No. 18 / 21

Goodfellow Bros. Members’ Lounge

  • Location Wenatchee, WA
  • Type Corporate | Workplace
  • Services Architecture | Interior Design

After completing the office space for our friends at Goodfellow Brothers in Wenatchee, WA, we were very excited to be asked to build out the basement and create a place for employees to socialize, take breaks, and unwind. Complete with a lounge area, kitchen space, and meeting table, this basement has a multitude of uses for company gatherings.

The gallery wall at the entrance, shown above, features photographs of the company's history, and the vintage canoe suspended from the ceiling has been fitted with LEDs to illuminate it from within.

This shuffle board table offers a welcome mid-day break and encourages friendly competition among colleagues. The rope screen, show below, is used to partition a space for storing bicycles for eco-friendly commuters.

This conference table was built specifically for this space. It was designed to accommodate laptop power cords so the room can be used for meetings and training sessions alike.

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